Plants for a Small Garden Pond

There’s no getting away how appealing a well planted water element can look, but if space is limited, choosing the best pond plants for a small garden can be a bit of a concern there.

Many of the common aquatic plants on sale in garden centers and specialized outlets are just too strong and will soon out-grow a small pond. Even if you are ready for the near steady servicing and trimming required just to keep things under control, with only plenty of space for one or two full-size pond plants, you’re in no way likely to be able to get a truly flashy water feature.

Nonetheless, there are some kinds of pond plants that are completely suitable to living in the smallest of garden ponds, so even a small half-barrel can appreciate some creative planting.

Pond plants

Many people consider plants are just playing a decorative part in our ponds. What they don’t know is that plants in fact play an important role in the (pond pumps)pond’s eco-system. Plants in ponds really help reach a well-balanced ecology since plants maximize the pond nutrients and they also result in a safe surface cover to the other species in our ponds.lotusplantflower-pond-1

Submerged rooted aquatics help to secure the bottom sediments and keep water sweet. Species include Lepilaena preissii, slender water mat, with thin thread-like branches; Potamogeton ochreatus, short pond weed, with flat thready foliage; Ruppia maritima, sea tassel, with find branched stems; and Vallisneria americana var. americana, ribbonweed, that has broad strap-like foliage that, if the water level is right, will seem to float on the surface.

Lotus plant

The lotus plant can be cultivated very well in pots positioned in the shallow part of a Koi pond. Shield the top of the pots with large stones to avoid the large Koi from excavating on the soil and ruining the water. The plant has two types of leaves. The leaves of a young lotus plant drift on the surface of the water but the leaves from the older plants can raise over the water surface. The plant provides pink flowers on a long carry above the water. Also like water lilies, lotus demands regular feeding with fertilizers to keep it blooming.


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